Dhoni Forgets He Isn’t The Captain : LOL Hilarious Incident Between Kohli & Dhoni

Before the begin of the first ODI of the arrangement at Pune, new India captain Virat Kohli acknowledged that he has been making a few errors while accepting approaches the DRS and Dhoni will have a significant part to play as and when the circumstance comes to utilize the innovation. By and by Dhoni demonstrated why he is referred to as an on-field machine as on the last conveyance of the 27th over, England captain Eoin Morgan attempted to work a decent length transfer from Hardik Pandya to third-man but instead edged it to Dhoni. The Indian group requested yet umpire C.K. Nandan shook his head left and right and pronounced Morgan not-out but rather Dhoni was certain.

Seeing Dhoni being cheery about the scratch, Kohli straight away went to the third umpire to request the innovation, and without a doubt, he edged it. Dhoni was seen celebrating with Indian players before even the third umpire observed it and even final product supported the Indian group.