Ram Charan Epic Reply To Pawan Kalyan Fan About Khaidi 150 Pre Release Function

Ram Charan Reply To Pawan Kalyan
Ram Charan Reply To Pawan Kalyan

Ram Charan EPIC Reply To Pawan Kalyan Fans

Ram Charan Reply To Pawan Kalyan: Ram Charan went live on his facebook page site Facebook and communicated with his fans. He interacted pleasantries with his fans and answered some pressing topics. Here is an excerpt of his interaction. Ram Charan said that he would work with his Babai. This may happen one year from now once they to satisfy their current duties. Likewise, he said that them two joining will rely on upon his Babai.

Ram Charan educated that “Kanthilantodu” is not the title of this film. They are thinking and weighing different choices. When they accompany another title, they would report it. As of now, three timetables of the motion picture are over. They are striving to give a decent item. This film will be his father’s performance extend. No. He won’t be found in this film. At this moment he is playing out the part of a maker. He needs to act like his dad, sometime in the not so distant future.